lani kingston daisy birthday cake

Based in Melbourne, Australia for three-quarters of the year, and Phoenix, Arizona for the rest, I am a media producer, teacher and pastry chef with a passion for multicultural food.

I come from a media background, working as a producer, casting director, production coordinator, researcher and writer on many different award-winning productions. I liked my work, but none of it felt quite right. I went back to uni, studying for my Masters in Teaching. I got a job as a cooking teacher for the local council and started to think about a career in food.

However, it wasn't until I worked on SBS's online documentary Immigration Nation in 2010 that I really considered a career with food - specifically, food media. I researched and wrote stories on a number of prominent people in the Melbourne food industry - meaning I got to spend a lot of time 'on location'. I spent days at Dur-e Dara's Nudel Bar, talking to her about her life and her time working with Stephanie Alexander. Best of all, Dur-e never let me leave hungry. 

I got to meet and work with the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli: the prominent Italian family that have owned and operated De Bortoli Wines since 1928. We attended the family's annual Brick, Stick and Straw salami-making day in 2010. It was a beautiful, crisp heartwarming autumn day in the Yarra Valley vineyards; we filmed an interview with Leanne De Bortoli and her two daughters, backdropped against acres of vines. I thought to myself: I could get used to this.

So I started fig and walnut. I enrolled and graduated from pastry school. I started a Masters of Food Studies, majoring in Food Writing. Instead of a 9 - 5 desk job I now fill my time with little morsels; I teach, I write, I photograph, I research, I cook, and most importantly, I eat.

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